Haifa districts / neighbourhood - everybody can help!!

Hello Osm folks,

I would like to continue with Haifa but there is no way searching for streets without knowing where they are located in or around Haifa.
So I need the neighbourhood of the street to compare and be 100% sure if the street is already there or not.

But to do so we need somebody with local knowledge around Haifa that could minimize the list we have currently and then maybe tell us where what neighbourhood is located.
If you have any idea how to help in this issue, you are welcome to post. All suggestions are welcome…

Here is the extracted list from here (https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ao6VVxlsVFbDdFFxdDFpcHJmbW50VnYtekgzdlJ2Z1E&hl=en#gid=5):

ואדי ניסנאס
ציר רכס כרמל - אוניברסיטה
בת גלים
קריית חיים מערבית
עיר תחתית מזרח
קריית אליעזר
רמות רמז
רמת אלמוגי
כרמל מערבי
נוה שאנן
מפרץ חיפה
רמת ויז’ניץ
קריית חיים מזרחית
רמת גולדה
ואדי סאליב
כרמל מרכזי
א.ת. חוף שמן
קריית שמואל
סביוני הכרמל
המושבה הגרמנית
רמת בן גוריון
רמת אלון
קריית אליהו
רמת בגין
הוד הכרמל
גבעת דאונס
קריית הממשלה ע"ש רבין
עיר תחתית
חיפה אל עתיקה
נוה דוד
ציר עיר תחתית - ק. אליעזר
חוף הכרמל
רמת אלמוגי - רמות רמז
שער העליה
קריית שפרינצק
עיר תחתית מזרח - הדר
ציר דניה - רמת אלון
רמת התשבי
כרמל צרפתי
רמת הדר
נוה יוסף
נוה פז
ציר עיר תחתית - מפרץ חיפה
גאולה, רמת ויז’ניץ
רמת אשכול
רמת חן
רמת ספיר
ציר רוממה - יזרעאליה
נוה שאנן, זיו
ציר נוה שאנן - נוה פז
ציר כרמל מערבי
אוניברסיטת חיפה
מעונות גאולה
תל עמל
ציר עיר תחתית - חליסה
ציר הדר - המושבה הגרמנית
מרכז חורב
עין הים
ציר עיר תחתית - חוף הכרמל
ציר מפרץ חיפה
כרמל מרכזי, הדר
רמת שאול
ציר עיר תחתית - ק. עליעזר
רמת אלמוגי - מרכז חורב
ציר כרמל מרכזי - כרמל צרפתי
ציר עיר תחתית
ציר עיר תחתית - רמת התשבי
עיר תחתית מזרח, הדר
ציר רמת אשכול - חוף כרמל
ק. חיים מערבית - ק. שמואל
ציר אחוזה - רמת בגין
ציר עיר תחתית מזרח
נוה שאנן, יזרעאליה
ציר רוממה - נוה שאנן
ציר כרמל צרפתי - רמת שאול
ציר נוה שאנן - תל עמל
קריית אליעזר, קריית אליהו
רמות רמז - זיו
כרמל צרפתי - מרכז הכרמל
קריית הטכניון
כרמליה - כרמל מרכזי
ורדיה - רוממה
ציר כרמל מרכזי - מרכז חורב
ציר מושבה גרמנית - רמת שאול
רכס כרמל - רוממה
ציר חוף כרמל - מת"מ
ציר רכס כרמל - רמת אשכול
ציר רמת שאול - ק. שפרינצק
עין הים, קריית שפרינצק
ציר ורדיה - דרך רופין
קריית אליהו, קריית אליעזר
ציר רוממה - הדר
ציר ואדי סאליב - עיר תחתית
רכס כרמל - ורדיה

Hey. Been busy lately… I can do this.
What do I have to do exactly?

We have to check if we really have this amount of destricts in Haifa.
It looks like a lot more than possible for one city and suroundings?
In this pic I found in the internet there are 15 in Haifa itself and 10 surounding Haifa.

So here is a example of something I started today:

I defined the descricts with the admin level of 10 like it is done in Germany cities.

The goal is to have all descricts in the map and then cross check if the street belongs to the correct destrict when going through our street list.
So if we have a street that should be in Bat Galim and in OSM its in Kiriyat Eliezer we know that we have to move the border of Bat Galim so it will cover this street.

I also don’t know what the list says about streets that are located in two or more destricts. Would be important to find out.

The list is long indeed.
Most of these are not neighborhoods per say but rather regions or sort of an attempt to group streets.
For example, some of them are called “Bat-Galim - Downtown route”, etc…
Also, some are divided into west and east for no apparent reason.

I will create a new column that flags the “route” neighborhoods and the west-east situation.
We can decide what to do with those later.

That’s my feeling too.

I suggest we map the known neighborhoods, and leave the areas and routes outside.


I have continued with the Haifa Project.

First I added a approx. boundary for all known Haifa districts.
(wow, why do a city like Haifa need more than 30 districts?)

Then I sorted the streets by district in the excel sheet and checked all streets by district.
This way I could also check what street belongs to what district and could get a good detail level of the district borders.

I have managed to finish the following districts. Including Hebrew, English and Arabic.
I have also added a new tag Haifa-ref that refers to the number on the streetnames on the source website.
This way we can easily check if the street is edited or not. If anybody had a problem with this tag please comment.

Like usual- you are welcome to help in grabbing a small district in Haifa and start checking all streets inside.

I have added a relation for all finished districts, to have an overview of them:

I think I’m half way through it.
Help is still welcome :slight_smile:

Hey Mr_Israel, How Do I know which districts need to be looked at.


maybe one of those big once :
אחוזה, הדר, כרמל מרכזי

Just mark the one you working on in the sheet table “Hebrew Neighbourhood” by a background color.
And this way I would know not to touch it. After you have finished a district just mark it this way in the excel sheet.
After that try to define the district border (what is sometimes very funny).

When finished with the border add the district to this relation http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=1778493
Please add only finished districts to this relation. This way you will always know what is left and what is finished.

I experiencing till now two problematic districts that have partly no connection to each other:

הכרמל - HaKarmiel

  1. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/135404721 (mainly)
  2. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/135403783 (separated)
  3. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/135404177 (separated)

גבעת דאונס - Givat Dapnes

  1. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/134872569 (mainly)
  2. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/134872632 (separated)

Could it be that the Haifa website has a mistake here?

This one seems way off, I don’t think theres a “HaKarmel” neighborhood (And definitely not “HaKarmiel” which is another city)

I didn’t know Givat Dapnes was a neighbourhood. (I’m surprised at the spelling here, it is pronounced similar to “down” with an s → “downs”)
But I’m pretty certain that the separated one is in Almogi (אלמוגי) or Remez (רמז), probably the first.

Again, I have no formal knowledge and my suggestions are based on a hunch.

Regarding the English translation of both districts you are welcome to correct the names to what you think is correct. I only had the Hebrew version and translated them by myself :slight_smile:

Regarding the הכרמל I have just followed what the website defined. If its 100% wrong (and thats how it looks like) we need to change it and make it more accurate this way.

Okay. I’ll start up Josm :slight_smile: