Guidelines for translation/transliteration to English

Are there any guidelines on how to translate and/or transliterate Hebrew name to English?
Is there any standardisation, as I have seen the same Hebrew word put into name:en for different nodes/ways with multiple different translations and/or transliterations.

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The best way is to copy the name from a sign that has both English and Hebrew.
If this isn’t available, a phonetic translation is probably the best.
I sometimes add a few more translations in English for problematic characters like ח ch/kh/h…
name:en should not have Hebrew characters, or noon Latin characters for that matter…

Sadly, many signs actually have terrible translations. It’s better than nothing but there are better sources, maybe Wikipedia is the POI is significant enough.

@theipu I support @Harel_M’s suggestion yet in cases of uncertainty I suggest using Wikipedia and if it’s not on Wikipedia then there are lingual translation rules:

(In Hebrew)

Most of it is pretty accurate.

There are also rules for Arabic:

Not super accurate as it’s not following the actual pronunciation in some cases but it’s the best we have so far.
Feel free to consult me about this topic.