Guantánamo Bay problem — Hospital Cay

There is a big problem with the mapping of Guantánamo Bay in Cuba: A whole island has been left out! The island to which I refer is Hospital Cay, which should appear at 19°56’49.3"N 75°08’40.6"W, but OSM shows only water there. This is an important island, as satellite pictures reveal that there are things built on it; so it is used. Many of the islands are apparently not used (but are nonetheless on the map). This is a bit of a grotesque oversight.

I might add that there should perhaps be some mention of that vast salt marsh in the base’s northwest.

I am brand-new to OSM and have no idea yet how to edit maps, but I hope that somebody here can resurrect Hospital Cay. It really should appear on OSM.

I suppose this is more of a tagging issue. A user tagged it “natural=cay” years ago. The usual tagging would rather be “natural=coastline” in addition to “place=islet” or “place=island”. “natural=cay” is not recognised by the map renderer.

If you feel confident you can always edit it yourself. Good places to start are the iD-Editor (just hit Edit on the website), or the the wiki.


I have done some minor adjustments. It may take some time for the rendering to update accordingly.