Greetings from Indonesia

Salam sejahtera kawan OSMer’s Malaysia.

I am Dinar Adiatma, from HOTOSM Indonesia.
We are currently working on road mapping in Malaysia using RapID started from East Malaysia. Some of my colleagues will be traveling through Malaysia this November and they were hoping to discuss road mapping with some local mappers in the OSM MY community.
If anyone is interested, please let me know, we can arrange a meetup on your availability, it would be great to learn more.

Terima kasih.

Salam sejahtera!

Many thanks for dropping over here.

I’ve seen work is being done in Sabah and Sarawak using AI outputs courtesy of Facebook. At least HOTOSM Indonesia is in charge to monitor this import.

Would love to know the travelling itineraries across Malaysia: I might be able to meet with your team, if somehow they would visit Penang (it’s closer to where I live).

Alhamdulillah. You can call me Dinar. I am glad to get any response from MY OSMer’s.

Correct. We still working on it. Our team shares a role: mapping and final check.

Location: will be dictated by where the existing local mapper(s) are; so we are happy to go to your preferred location (Penang).

When: We expect travelling to Malaysia several days between 20 and 30 November 2019. Any suggestions when is your preferred time to meet? Also if anyone else who are interested, please let me know, we are happy to meet you.

Who: we also contacted Grab MY to meetup, maybe at different times/location.

What: to get any insight about OSM mapping in Malaysia, specially road mapping. For example discuss some cases we found or tell us more about Malaysia Roads Tagging. So we hope to improve our works quality in Malaysia.
Also, if possible, do ground truthing to the area we most question on. We did in South Sulawesi, Kalimantan province, North Sumatra, and Central Java.

Terima kasih AkuAnakTimur.
Salam sejahtera.

Salam sejahtera!

We will keep you posted about our visit. We will visit KL (24th and 28th Nov) and Penang (25-27th Nov), insyaAlloh. Fancy a chat? So we can meet up at that time.

Terima kasih.

Hi again, assalamu’alaikum.

Most of my colleagues now are leaving remote-mapping in Malaysia. But we aware that many things can be improved about our work. So as our responsibility, we plan to re-check our work based on valuable feedbacks here Here are our plan, Insya Alloh.
First plan is re-recheck all inconsistent major road tagging that may caused by our work, starting from north.
Second plan is re-check other highways that overwrote the ground truth edit .
Please, I am happy if you guys have another suggestion to do.