Greetings, and a couple of n00b questions.

Hi all,
I’m reasonably new to OSM/JOSM/Potlach etc etc and have been updating mainly Chiang Mai (North Thailand) where I lived for 2 years and have loads of tracks etc.
I have found a number of problems mainly with routing due to missplaced nodes etc etc that I have been fixing in Josm.

Question 1 (an easy one)
How often is the main downloadable routable map updated? (I’m keen to see if my changes fix the routing problems :slight_smile: )

Questions 2 (perhaps not so easy)
I tried generating a route from Chiang Mai to Surin in Mapsource and there is a section of very long dual carriageway that seems to make Mapsource give up routing and generate an error (Error Code 3 iirc)
I have tried making the WP’s closer together and I think I have narrowed down where the problem is.
I put two WP’s about 5 miles apart and tried generating a route… Mapsource went mad and made a route that was over 300 miles.
I checked the road to make sure the one way settings were correct etc etc and could find nothing wrong.
The only thing that seemed slightly out of the ordinary was the dual carriageway nodes (in the opposite direction) seemed very close.
Could this have caused the problem?
The route went happily down the road as expected, then turned around (for 300 miles) and then came back again.

As I said I’m pretty new to all this and inexperienced (but learning fast, and contributing as much as time allows) any pointers/help very much appreciated.

I am moving back to Thailand soon, to Surin, which is pretty much unmapped on OSM at the moment, so very much looking forward to mapping that area :slight_smile:



You have several option for checking the routing:

Check the downloadable Garmin Maps in Mapsource (or generate them by yourself).

Check if there are online-routing-services for your area (like
or for the european area),

Or you can use the routing-plugin for JOSM.


Thanks for your reply.

You have several option for checking the routing:
Check the downloadable Garmin Maps in Mapsource (or generate them by yourself).
This is what I have done so far, and hence the original question, the last update to the downloadable maps was 23/07. I made my changes to OSM after that date.
I cannot check my changes until the main map is updated.
As for generating the routable maps myself, I was under the impression that I had to have a “paid for” version of CgsMapper to do this.
I paid for GPSMapEdit, but CGSMapper seems expensive for the extra features, that’s one of the reasons I started mapping on OSM.

Check if there are online-routing-services for your area (like
or for the european area),
The area I am trying to route, is Northern to Central Thailand.

Or you can use the routing-plugin for JOSM.
I have this Plugin already, and it routes the area in question faultlessly, though of course, the size of the map is limited by the JOSM download limits.

I guess I will have to wait until the main downloadable map is updated to see if my map fixes solve the routing problems in Mapsource.

Thanks again for your reply.



Welcome to the community,

As far as the update frequency for the world maps: once a week is the intention (see here: In the summer is does not always work well due to server issues which are not quickly resolved, OSM-ers do need time for a holiday as well).

As Mapsource routing is concerned. I experience sometimes strange behaviour as well. Routes which just stop. I think it has to do with certain attributes in the data which makes it not like the route. Trying to make a bicycle route of substantial length is bound to end up in a failure.

Success, Hugo

You can make routable Garmin maps using Mkgmap (free software):
The downloadable routable Garmin map from Lambertus is made using Mkgmap.

Thanks for the welcome.
After a small amount of batch file fiddling and downloading jre etc etc I managed to compile mkgmap and build an img from the troublesome area in saved from JOSM.
I haven’t got to the bottom of the problem, but thanks to the help from you guys, I am getting closer, I can now test any changes I make immediately in Mapsource :smiley:

Seems there’s lots of work to be done on the Thailand maps, especially in terms of routable ways/roads.

Thanks again for your help guys, expect more stupid questions soon :slight_smile:

Didn’t take long for the next question…

I have fixed a lot of the routing problems between Chiang Mai and Surin and now I need to download a bigger area than JOSM seems capable of, not for editing, but to turn into an img file for Mapsource. (for routing testing purposes)

I’ve read about Osmosis and think that would probably do what I need, but I’m damned if I can get it to compile/work.
It’s blody frustrating, I am an embedded software engineer for the last 25 years, but all this command line java stuff drives me mental…

I want to spend my spare time mapping, not revisiting batch files and the like :wink:

Is there some easy way to get a large (possibly country size) extract from the OSM server in a format that mkgmap can process?

Thanks again for any replies.


Have a look here for Planet extracts:
The Geofabrik and Cloudmade links have extracts for much of the world by continent / country / region etc. They are in OSM format, which Mkgmap can process, and updated fairly often.

Or you can get an area from Xapi, instructions here:

If you want daily updates of your Garmin map then you’ll have to produce them yourself. Splitter can split a country into tiles that allow Mkgmap to produce maps capable of inter-tile routing. If yyou’re satisfied with weekly updates then have a look at the many Garmin map producers.

Examples of Mkgmap commandlines can be found in the ‘Garmin’ subforum.

I have made loads of progress in the last few days thanks to the replies here.
Now able to edit in JOSM, convert to .img and test in Mapsource and download large .osm from one of the mirrors and test that too.

Not tried inter-tile stuff yet, that’s next on the list, I’m mainly intersted in Thailand and so far 1 big download seems to work with no problems.

Have also built JOSM in Eclipse and spent some time learning about what goes on behind the scenes here, as I said before I am a software engineer and would like to get involved at some point with the development.

Still lots to learn, but I’m getting there exponentially :laughing: