Greenland map with contour


I just adding contours to my Greenland map using phyghtmap 1.44 tool.

phyghtmap -a -74.00:58.00:-10.00:84.00 -s 20 -c 400,200 -o contour --source=view3,srtm3 -j 2 --pbf --no-zero-contour

Problem is that in northern part of map contours doesn’t match osm map.
In some parts contours are shifted to west in some to the east and somewhere to the north in some places the shift is even about 10km.
Difficult to explain maybe screen-shot would be more useful … Any place where I can place screenshot?

Problem starts to be visible above N 81°

I contacted phyghtmap developer and to track down this issue.

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Is there any chance I can check/fix costline data in this area?