Greenish Fog on Zoom In

Why, when zooming in, is there a greenish “fog” obscuring the “satellite view”. This makes editing difficult. The tutorial does not have this problem. (Neither does Google Maps/Earth.)

Zooming in to what?

Are you talking about the iD editor, in which case you would see something like this if there was the edge of a park, or an other are of vegetation mapped in that area, as the editor needs to show both the map and the aerial imagery you are trying to use as a source. iD also reduces the intensity of the background image, so that it is easier to see the map, but that is configurable on its layers menu (three stacked squares, near the centre right of the window). You can also turn off the map entirely, using the next menu down, but that defeats the purpose of the editor and may conflict with the licensing of some of the imagery.

Or, are you referring to something related to Garmin maps, in which case there is a specific forum on this board that relates to the use of OSM on Garmin.

OSM itself only serves aerial imagery as an aid to mapping, not as an end user resource.

Did you try to pick one of the other satellite images ?
Depending on the area in which you are mapping another provider could have better imagery. But never use Google’s !

It is with Bing only. The satellite map is completely obscured when fully zoomed in. I’m thinking that this is also the most up-to-date satellite map and the others are lagging. I’m using Esri World Imagery right now because that’s the only one that doesn’t blur until you are fully zooomed in. I would love to use Bing if it didn’t completely obscure the image when zoomed in.

P.S. I use a variety of map images from various sites for validation purposes. Then I use a search engine to make sure that the area I am going to mark is actually there (or not there as the case may be). If there is any question of the area existing, I usually don’t map it, or leave a note if I do. HERE WeGo is good because it actually has house numbers on the imagery that you can use a search engine on.

Just in case you’re not aware, copying from or validating against other (copyrighted) map/imagery providers isn’t permitted - by and large we’re only allowed to use the imagery that’s presented in the OSM editor.

In particular, HERE WeGo’s terms of service say (emphasis added):

When you contribute to OSM you are agreeing that that contribution can be used for commercial purposes, so including information from HERE WeGo on OSM would be commercially exploiting their service. I’d also say it probably violated the communicating to the public restriction, but exploit is a more general term.