Greenhorn question

HI folks, am new to OSM and did not get my head around the overpass turbo queries to run on OSM.
Coming from Germany and lookin for unpaved/gravel dirt roads that are legally ok to ride with car or motorbike. We are quite prohibitive, hence not many I guess :frowning:

I found modified the following query, but dont get it to do what I want.
a) it does not show in BBLOCK the entire road/way if I use unclassified. If I use Service then it shows this one, but not another one.
Is that due the fact that the 2 roads aforementioned are differently tagged in OSM and
b) how do I add in the query the right syntax to check for permissive motor_vehicle ?

Thanks Stefano7676

This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
The original search was:
“highway=track and surface~“unpaved|grass””
// gather results
// query part for: “highway=unclassified and surface~/unpaved|grass/”
// print results
out body;

out skel qt;