Greek Translation

Good morning
I would like to suggest a change at Greek Languange menu, about the streets.
The option “Χωματόδρομος” doesnt represent the actual use of the road, but it says from what the surface is made of.
The best word should be “Αγροτικός Δρόμος”.
I also would like to know how to make Greek the rest of the options.
Thank you in advance

Which menu are you talking about? I assume you are referring to an editor? Or do you refer to a wikipage?

I can see it in the iD editor. I agree with Map-Finder.

The translations are maintained here:
You can edit them yourself

Thank you!

How can i edit the english description of this preset?

You can only change the template heading on Transifex.
The “description” is taken from As you can see the Greece translation is missing so there is a fallback to English.

Hello again.
There are many words that cannot be found so that to be translated.
These words are in submenus, like on highway - surface : asphalt, grave, dirt etc. Where can I find them so that to translate them?

These words, as far as I remember, are not translatable - intentionally…

Dear Sirs
How often do the translated text is updated to the menu?
I made some updates over a month ago and texts were not updated!

Everytime with the new version of iD. Version 2.14.3 was uploaded on 2019-Feb-26 but the next version was released three months later, on 2019-May-21, that’s why your translations weren’t visible in March.