Greece Classification System


greecemapper wrote to me this morning that “big primary roads” in Athens should not be secondary or less. I am not sure if the user is asking for a ranking concession for some major avenues in Athens, some of which are already proven to be Provincial roads under Government Gazette of 8 February 1956, Issue 47 and ΦΕΚ B 1932/26.9.2007 in parts of the Peloponnese.

However, the National Road network (currently allocated to primary unless motor-road) is rather minimal already – if many think that the prominence of major avenues should be increased instead of going by what is said at then we would have to consider reviewing the classification system in Greece. The network of motor-roads, similar to grade separated primary routes in the UK, is smaller still.

Please consider the following questions I have:

  1. Regardless of legal classification, what major avenues should be classed as primary in addition to the National Roads?
  2. If some major avenues should be classed as primary, then how can we retain the prominence of National Roads and higher-class roads on OSM?

Please refer to the discussion at and onwards. At the moment I am going by the existing hierarchy (Highway:International equivalence), and if greecemapper thinks that some “big primary roads” in Athens should not be secondary or less then the current system might not be working properly.