Great service, but funky ride to Caesearea

I used openstreetmap in my Garmin nuvi 200 GPS on my recent trip to Israel, and it worked great except for one pretty major problem.

We were driving from Safed to Tel Aviv and wanted to stop in Caesarea. I found an entry for Caesarea National Park, set my GPS to it, and started off.

All was well as I drove eventually on Route 2. It told me to turn onto the Israel National Trail. I found myself in a small Arab town, Jisr al-Zarka, which is north of Caesarea. Eventually, it lead me to the sea, and onto a sand road–where the Trail becomes a hiking trail. I turned back.

I found my way back to Route 2 and made it to Tel Aviv. I later saw the route to Caesarea was a few miles down.

Is this a problem of the map, or of Garmin’s interpretation of it?

Other than that, the maps (and my trip) were fantastic. Had no problems navigating the streets of Tel Aviv, Safed, Tiberias and Jerusalem, as well as the major routes.


Hi Jerry,

I hope that otherwise you had enjoyed your visit to Israel.

To the best of my understanding of the route you describe, it seems reasonable for walking or perhaps even cycling.

On page 11 of the Nuvi 200 user manual, you can find instructions how to set the Usage Mode. Please check if it was set to “Pedestrian” or “Bicycle”.

I’m not familiar with the Garmin product, so please take this response with the appropriate disclaimers.