Graphical glitches on modified entities

There is some graphical glitches on the entities I modified this week when displayed in OSM viewer ?

Can anyone help me to solve the problem ?

Please be more specific and give the link to the place in question, so we could check it.

Tiles update at wildly erratic intervals. Could you be seeing a mix of old and new? That’s perfectly normal, though not ideal.

If you are getting tiles at the same zoom level updating at wildly erratic intervals, it is possible that your ISP is caching them. Caches used to be configured, and may still be, to over-cache images, as they are not normally very variable, but web-sites rarely provide accurate cachability information on their resources.

@kocio : Here is the link to the place I updated : . I updated only the standard layer.

What do you mean? Please be more specific, because I don’t see any unexpected things here:

BTW: mappers don’t update the style directly, only a database, the layers are updated on their own schedule from this database and if something is included in a given style, it will be shown sooner or later.

I expect you need to add building=yes to get the amenity=music_school to render

Added buillding=yes to all the buildings I updated. I hope this will solve the problem.