Grammatical mistake

When I print maps from, a message appears underneath which says

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license
by the OpenStreetMap project and it’s contributors.

Clearly, that should be “its contributors”.

If you read this and have rights to change the message, please do. Alternatively, let me know where to report this.



Seems like you are right

$ curl -s|grep contri
by the OpenStreetMap project and it’s contributors.

PS. removed strange question… :slight_smile:

it’s → it is
its → their

So Oliver is right, it seems to me…

Btw I mailed tomh when I sent the first message.

Best if you report things like this on trac, our bug-tracking site - then anyone with code commit access can fix it. TomH has more than enough to do. :slight_smile:

URL is You log in with your usual OSM username and password.

But I note that Tom has already fixed this - - and presumably it’ll be live on the next deployment.

Thanks for all your responses. I’ll check out trac.