GRAB - Here we bloody go again !

Me too.

@Ajay will you be available to meet us in Chiang Mai on the 15th of Jan? Please let us know asap as I need to book transport.

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While reading your post, I’m witnessing Grab-employed armchair mappers try fixing the mess by replacing it with even more mess before my eyes (2); together with assortments of edits done in the Bangkok area. (1)

The discussion is started with false pretense.

DWG, consider blocking (at least 0-min blocking) all Grab-related accounts until the talk is proceeded, preliminary result posted, and consensus reached on the forum on whether to let this “map improvement effort” (/sarcasm) continue.

(1) @ajaybulls statement’s timestamp is 2018-12-01 13:10:31 +0700. Evidences of Grab-conducted edit after that timestamp are following:

2018-12-03 08:35:58 +0700:
2018-12-03 16:27:51 +0700:
2018-12-03 16:32:08 +0700:
2018-12-03 19:49:47 +0700:

This does not count edits done outside Bangkok (which I didn’t monitor), if there is any.

(2) I hereby formally request that DWG revert these two changesets, in whole. These are obvious cases of uneducated micro-alignment edits with no ground truth, which undone the works of surveying contributors.

My writeup on Grab’s uneducated edit/incompetence in Bangkok is now posted in GrabOSM Thailand complaints thread (starting from this post) with case-by-case breakdown.

Thanks @Nutchanon for clarifying the issues with the Globalogic edits. I think it would be helpful if @Ajay would clarify what they’re doing and why. Ideally someone from Globalogic should be here making clarifications too. It would be really good if there was somebody who’s KPI is aligned to map quality that’s actually rated by the community.

I’ve been trying to revert the edits in my area but can’t figure out how to do it without potentially causing more problems :frowning: Perhaps someone would be kind enough to write a tutorial?

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Hello All,
After Ajay mentioned that we stopped working on Thailand, we did not continue to make any new additions to the map, however our internal. Quality team found few mistakes which were corrected. This resulted in viewing new submissions in Bangkok.

Just wanted to clarify .



I can confirm we’ve asked our folks to stop mapping the very same day. Some edits may have gone in post due to communication lag but we’ve stopped working on Thailand overall as a country till we meet and decide our next course of action. As I mentioned, we’re only looking to do this together with the community and are happy to stall efforts till we come up with a plan of action. I’ll confirm dates and time in the first week of January once our schedule is a bit more set. My local country lead as well as the singapore team will be present to address any concerns.

Please refer to lavanyas comments below from global logic about the changes too. Happy holidays all, looking forward to seeing you’ll in person soon.

In case anyone is interested, the organized edit guideline provides a good overview of how it should be done. Of course implementation should be meaningful as well and not just a bueacratic exercise.

@mishari and Team

I’ll be in BKK on 15th and 16th so a meeting in our office there would be best as I’m coming for some important meetings. If not, I’ll have to make another trip to Chiang Mai on different dates. Please let me know if BKK can happen, we can have a couple of hours workshop and I’ll involve pimlada and team too.

I’m afraid I wont be able to attend in BKK.

@russ- No worries, I’ll fly down to Chaing Mai. How about we schedule something for the 17th (Jan) in the day? I’m flexible to meet anywhere you guys suggest.

If its the 17th, it would have to be in the afternoon for me.

Just spotted that this didn’t get a response earlier.

If you’re untangling a series of complicated edits where you need to reconcile the revert of a series of problematical edits with changes made after them, JOSM can be the best option, but as you’ve probably found it can get very complicated very fast when you have to keep in mind two different “mental pictures” of the data - OSM as it is now and OSM as it was before, and compare what JOSM says it is trying to do with both of those.

Another option are the revert scripts that the wiki talks about at . Those work well when you want to e.g. revert everything not touched by another mapper after the “problem” edit. It’s how I did the “unnamed tourist information” revert in .

You do have the option of doing some processing on the data that you feed into the revert scripts (in the case of the big revert above I considered leaving POIs with names untouched, until I translated some of the names and got things like “experiment” as the name. That sort of processing can be done on the data before you feed it in to the revert scripts, and you can also do things programmatically with the output where it says “I couldn’t revert X because of Y” - it might be that for some values of Y you want to revert anyway.

@russ and @mishari

Confirmed for 17th 12-2pm. Will book my tickets accordingly as the last flight out for me to SG is at 5pm.

Looking forward to it!

It will be tight for me to get back from Pai by 12 noon, but I’ll do my best. Perhaps we can meet close to the airport to make it easier for your flight back, that way we can run on from 2pm if necessary. Rgds, Russ.

Hello Russ,

I know the frustration as a community member.
I know I am not part of this forum.
But I felt very bad seeing the language used by you in this public forum.
Appreciate if you can use better language in public forum.

OSM Volunteer

Tom, Johnny, AlaskaDave are you guys free? If not what’s a good date for you? Stephan are you in town?

A day or 2 later would be great for me if it fits with everyone else, incl Ajay.

I should be free most days in January. Although I’m regrettably not doing much Thailand mapping right now, preferring to work on Alaskan projects, I would definitely be willing to attend.


How about instead of meeting physically in CM we all have a discussion via hangout instead?