GPX / GPS trace upload

When uploading a trace, one of the fields to fill in is Tags:
What is expected here, and how can it be used?

Sometimes when editing a trace, when I use covert trace to way option,
some of the points will be marked by a pulsing red circle, what does this mean?


answer 1: look at

question 2: what editor are you using? Potlatch? I can’t deliver an answer right now, but maybe there is a description of using potlatch and the meaning of the red circles in the OSM wiki …

Tell us when you found something, also if not …

The pulsating red circle means that there are two nodes in exactly the same location. This is usually an error - you should consider joining the nodes.

Thanks Stephan & Richard,

For closure:
“Tags” is not to be confused with OSM tags, but is used to search for traces
It seems that if you click on the tags of a GPS trace in OSM, it will search all traces that contains the same tags! (I never realised this)

The red pulsating circles explained by Richard above, indicates duplicate nodes.