gpx from wardriving data

In the next few days I’m going to wardrive my neighbor and,
if all goes fine, the rest of my home town in the following weeks.

I’m thinking I could convert NetStumbler records to a GPX
file (using, for instance,

Is this a suitable content for OSM? I mean, I know GPX
is ok for your project but giving that the waypoints would
correspond to wifi hotspots don’t know if would be worth it.


After gpx files are uploaded they are processed. During processing the file is scanned for track points and any found track points get inserted into the database. Any way points encountered during the processing are simply ignored and don’t make it into the database.
So no real reason to strip out the way points if you don’t want to. It is however pretty easy to do before uploading with gpsbabel and no doubt plenty of similar tools.

It’s very much worth it please upload, remember to tag your GPX file with WIFI, netstumbler and hotspot. then people can find them later. GPX files are very usefull, it’s what this project was based upon. It seems like the Yahoo imagery has played down it’s role a bit.

If you can take pictures of street signs as well, then you are doing a stellar OSM survey job. But that’s very tiresome so it might not be worth it for you.