GPX features

Here are a list of things I really would like to see in OSM when we are talking about the GPX tracks we are uploading.

  1. removing “dots” that are clearly wrong.
  2. removing certain tracks that are clearlywrong
  3. splitting up tracks

To edit a GPX with JOSM prior to upload:

  • open the GPX as real data in JOSM (containing no other data)
  • edit the data
  • export the data as GPX (there is an export button on the toolbar)

Ciao, Imi.

imi: I transfer my gps data from gps to ‘MapSource’. (…yeah…don’t ask) Anyway, then I delete the rubish bits of the tracks and save them to .gpx. I then upload them to the osm site, and then edit them in josm.

I did/do this order, so the gps data is avaliable to all, but also cause I’m not awair of any program that downloads the data straight into gpx from gps devices, without giving me options to delete the rubish bits of the data prior to saving.

Am I doing things in an unrecomended way?

Ben: No, its ok like you do ;-).

But if you get tired of editing the gps files by hand, you can use JOSM to edit GPX files as well using my idea above ;-).

Ciao, Imi

My PDA → GPX software does this, you can delete certain points. Probably doesn’t help, but it is cotogpsDT. It is also Java, but the source code is not available.

I’m bit puzzled now. ‘Tired of editing the GPS files by hand’? How else do i do it?

For the rubishy bits of the gps data, isnt removing the trash the same process if done a) before saving as gpx, or b) reopening the gpx later to do it in JOSM?

Visually I can’t see the difference betwen the gps data straight from my gps device, and reopened gpx files. Its just a string of conected dots to me. I delete the random bits, unnesery bits, un road bits etc etc, and then go to JOSM for trackmaking.

So while using mapsource involves 1) download from device 2) delete trash 3) save as gpx. The way youve said (as i see it), involves 1) download from device 2) save as gpx 3) open in JOSM 4) delete trash 5) save as gpx/upload

…(I await repsonse’s pointing out my stupidity)

Indeed, This is the way I do it anyway too. This has probably got a bix complex.

I think the rubbish should be there… It’s not that bad, and it’s actually information even though it’s rubbish…So what this post was ment to say was The web page should handle removing the trash.

I do this:

  1. collect data
  2. convert to gpx
  3. start up josm
  4. open the GPX
  5. download track points and map from server
  6. edit
  7. upload the gpxfile…

I never clean the tracklog.

I tend not to clean up the tracks, cause i just turn off the gps temporarlly when switching between transport types, and turn it off straight away when getting to a place, so the trash is usually minimal.

I was wondering, In looking at the latest uploaded routes theres places people have walked, rode, sailed that arnt on roads. Is data that isnt road data ment to be uploaded onto the OSM site to be mingled in with the road data?.. Casue couldn’t this be extreamly confusing…?

um…that post appears messy on my screen, bit confusing.

What i ment by what i said! was:

  1. Download from device
  2. Edit (In programe you use to extract from gps)
  3. Save as gpx (with program you use to extract from gps)
  4. Upload to OSM (via site)
  5. Download data and edit in JOSM

How i Currently See what you are saying to do is

  1. Download from Device
  2. Save as gpx (with program you use to extract from gps)
  3. Open into JOSM
  4. Edit (In JOSM)
  5. Save as gpx again
    6a) Upload FROM JOSM or
    6b) Upload to OSM (via Site)
  6. Download data and edit in JOSM

It just seems like an additional few steps at present, using JOSM for the initial editing, just threw choice, rather than any advantage. (I don’t mean the map creating of course, JOSM being the obvious way to go there)