GPS Traces

I’m still new in the openstreetmap community.I would like to participate,so i try it.I took my GPS unit and I made GPS traces.I upload them in the website.Then i receive an email where the webmaster told me that my GPX file loaded successfully.
But when i want to see the changes in the openstreetmap,nothing changes!!I really don’t understand

You have to alter the ways in the database manualy with an OSM-Editor. The GPS-Upload is just for reference. Other mapper can download these traces to compare with thier own recordings.

See here:
(start at the beginning)

For some very good video tutorials on how to edit and improve the map.

There seem to be at least two editors for the OSM Map: JOSM and Potlatch.

I prefer JOSM, it’s a Java file you just download and run (on linux and windows). It works very well.

When hinting to OSM editors, don’t forget to mention Merkaartor! In my opinion this app is a bit more easy for beginners … for more explanation have a look at the OSM wiki at