GPS not working

i use BMW x5. i try to use OSM but it not working ?
Can some 1 tell mne why?

Can you explain what you mean by “OSM” in this question? Are you talking about some piece of software? If so, what is it called and where did you get it from?

Had a similar issue - mine just randomly started going to all 0’s on S/N for every satellite. I got GPS Lock maybe once a week, if i was lucky. I simply unplugged the antenna and plugged it back in, and voila, worked. Required one medium sized phillips screwdriver and about 10 minutes of work.

Try to change BMW to Audi

As far as I know, the data format used by this device is neither published nor has it been reverse engineered, so it is not possible to create OSM maps that would fit.

You guys need to provide some information, seriously. Its simply not even possible to help you. GPS from your car? From your cellphone? What application do you use? When the GPS from you car is not working - contact your car manufactor. When there is some routing-problem, please contact your car manucactor (Audi, BMW, whatever).

That all does not sound like an OSM problem, sorry :slight_smile:

Not possible to help without more Information. Just read at least the last post -.-

I don’t know. Could you borrow me your car so i can reproduce the problem? :smiley:

I also use X5, I see this OSM is working very well. You can give your car to Salon.