GPS Devices?

Hi am new to all of this. I want to map out the area of which i live in but don’t know what gps device to use as am having no luck on finding a ‘Navi’ i am on a budget so obviosuly the cheaper the better. Any suggestions?

A Garmin eTrex H is good start for basic acquisition, but I think it’s much more expensive than the Navi.

Less expensive is if you have access to a laptop computer. You can get a USB GPS accessory for data collection. That will give you the necessary hardware, but I don’t know if USB GPS devices come with software to create a GPX file. has everything and is a bit overwhelming even for me.

I was in a similar position having an old TomTom Bluetooth GPS unit that I wanted to replace. I was using it with an old iPAQ PDA running VisualGPSce.

In the end I went for the Globalsat BT368i which seems much better than my old TomTom unit.

PS I am also new to mapping for OpenStreetMap but finding it (mostly) straightforward