Gosmore: Error: .pak file too big- any smaller map for GCC Countries

I am a newbie…and trying to use the prebuilt map for the gcc countries but the cannot run it as it says that .pak file too big. The size of the file is more than 400 mb. Any possibility of smaller map for gcc countries (specially UAE and Oman) or any way to override this problem.

I do not have linux and dont know any programming as well. Pls tell me steps to run this map. I am using mio moov s500 device. Help shall be highly appreciated.

http://www.cferrero.net/maps/gcc_downloads.html (25 MB)

Ooops - just noticed that you don’t have a Garmin device, so the above link won’t be much use to you (unless you buy a Garmin GPS, of course).

You might want to ask this to the author himself: nroets (you know what’s here) gmail.com

Thnk…i have sent the mail…

Now I have another problem…that i dont see a keyboard when I run the gosmore software on Mio moov s505 for allowing me to search. When I tap on search bar nothing happens

However, I was able to get a smaller file following nic’s instructions i.e.
" The last 2 Windows version found on source forge can now create maps.
You just drag and drop the osm.bz2 on gosmore.exe. Then it will go
through the rebuild process. The .pak file will be stored in the same
directory as gosmore.exe (Program Files/gosmore). On my Windows 7, the
file was hidden. So it may be a good idea to make new directory in c:
or in My Documents, copy everything there and run it there. There are
no registry settings, so you can have multiple Gosmore instances." Used the maps from http://downloads.cloudmade.com/asia/western_asia/united_arab_emirates#downloads_breadcrumbs