Google streetview

Just noticed that my street has appeared on Google streetview. I seem to remember there was a discussion about them allowing us to use this as a source of information. Does anyone know what happened to this? Would certainly make naming streets and adding house numbers a heck of a lot easier than it is at the moment


I see no reference on google streetview in the wiki and, unless there is a specific statement that you may copy it’s data, you can safely assume that this data is copyrighted.

There has been some discussion around Google Mapmaker and that made me decide to stay away from that for miles. Here is the link to the article. Clearly you cannot do anything with the data and if you do Google passes all liability to you.

Some interesting messages from Ed Parsons of Google Maps UK, suggesting that it might in fact be OK - nothing concrete, but could potentially be interesting:

Hmm I wonder if mcnut pursued Ed’s hint to email him privately about this and what the outcome of this discussion is.

/me Would love to have hi-res sat images for my city.