Google Search plugin - It's time!

Hello everyone. First time poster, LONG time OsmAND user.

I’d like someone to develop and implement a search plugin so people can narrow searches to specific addresses. I’ve heard that there is licensing issues preventing this, but how is it that MANY mapping software that uses OsmAnd maps, most of which are free, has this very simple ability to search using a google plugin / UI?

In my opinion, the android OsmAnd Maps and GPS Navigation app is second to none; a brilliant piece of work and the result of years of refinement and collaboration but many people won’t adopt it as their navigation app simply because it lacks a proper address search capability. Many, like me, would easily pay $10 or $20 for that one feature.

Thank you for reading!

I’m not sure how many OsmAnd developers read the OpenStreetMap forum. There’s an OsmAnd Google Group!forum/osmand - you may get more replies there.