Google Maps once again.


Unfortunately, i find my content contributed to OSM at Google Maps again.

There are no link/mention this content contributed by OSM community, as well as this data should be provided using ODbL licence, not google one.

So they violates OSM licence in this two points.

I’m additionally disappointed by the fact i should pay them for mobile project using my own data, provided for free for all community.

I think we should do something about it, this way is definitely not fair.

Can you point to an example why you would think that?

Of course i am.

Take a look here:

And here:,109.1314292,18.44z

There are the same small mistakes die to the fact i draw it by hands using GPS track. It doesn’t interfere with road graph or search, but visible in style and comparing with real situation.
Did you see strange crossing map, for example? It’s another 4 places there i can show.

And check the commit time… Month+ ago for OSM, some days for GM.

PS: I have about 20+ other places of this.
PPS: Better check my commit, not the latest changes - it have a bunch of other mistakes i will correct as far as i don’t need proof.

As you haven’t told us which of your many edits in the area is supposed to have been copied it’s not possible for anyone to compare (“Month+” doesn’t really pin it down). However, you can query old OSM via Overpass, for example is exactly 1 month ago. This example certainly doesn’t look much like Google at the eastern end.

Of course, given that both OSM and Google are based on reality (possibly even the same aerial imagery sources) we would expect them to be similar! That doesn’t prove that Google haven’t copied OSM of course. If you have 20+ examples where Google is “similar to OSM” and “neither Google nor OSM match reality” then I expect that OSMF’s LWG might be interested - see the “Legal” section at for more links. This one, however, doesn’t really suggest anything really to me.

G is not saint, but for me, it could just be that an G user that does not respect the OSM license, just like an OSM collaborator can

Long ago I detected some of my changes promptly used in other maps, if not exactly copied, at least as a feed of news, so since then i put a generic changset comment, so of they like to use my changes, at least they need to read and understand them.

Ok, thank you, i got the point. In fact, i’m based on mistakes i do then draw the map - G have the same, but no others (by the way, i’ll fix if in OCM).

So, i have a question - is it should threaten as vandalism if i add some easy-to check-watermarks among my edit? Even if it’s my private territory?

I’m tired of this situation, it’s not the first or second time, in fact.