Google Maps offers indoor maps of buildings

I have learned that Google Maps offers now also inddor maps: (sorry, it’s German)

The airport of Indianapolis (the picture in the article) looks like,-86.157956&sspn=0.380002,0.671539&vpsrc=6&g=indianapolis&ie=UTF8&hq=flughafen+indianapolis&ll=39.714961,-86.29742&spn=0.002971,0.005246&t=m&z=18
In OSM it does not look that good:

Are there good examples of indoor maps with OSM as reference ?

Airport in Poland looks quite good (This is our training ground)

I am not hear about it yet but may be Google Map offer this service of indoor mapping. I will be search about it in English and then share here. Can you translate this article in English?

I didn’t know about that. Is there an english version of the article?

Seems quite awesome concept. is not working for me :frowning:


We should develop open source alternative.

They have been encouraging building owners to survey their own facilities with a camera and post and contribute to the google maps internal street view team. I remember reading a post about it on a forum a while back.

How exactly are you able to do it? I saw a building on Miami beach that had their office done. I was able to drag the little orange man from the map and actually walk through their office. Is this something that google does for you or you do yourself and submit it to them

I assume, in near future, probably next year, this should be something, you do yourself by use of tango technology and of course submit it to them.
For me reason enough to develop our own, open source indoor maps.

Wow, thats great, I like how you can see a list of what’s inside, this could be very usefull fur all malls etc.! :smiley:

Here map( introduced indoor mapping first and their collection is bigger than Google. Their 3D imagery is also better than Google in most places.

I am unable to load the Polish airport map in my browser (is the site down?).

But I found this example, in Bangalore, India; where a mall is mapped floor-wise.,77.6279375,20.25z

When we click anywhere on the building, a floor selector scale pops up.
Click on any floor number to see the layout on that floor.

Is the OSM’s indoor mapping similar?

@Nagesh_Blr: please note that there is a big difference between the OpenStreetMap data and the map on It is very well possible that some buildings are completely mapped in 3D and with indoor information, without this being visible on At this moment does not show any indoor data at all.
You could use e.g. OpenLevelUp! to visualize the indoor data of OpenStreetMap