Google image in image tag

Hi, do image tags like this get deleted or trigger alerts or are contributors expected to fix. I assume a Google streetview image is not permitted due to Google usage restrictions.

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do you have a quote why linking to a specific streetview image should be forbidden?

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No, I assumed it wasn’t as we are not permitted to use to assist in mapping. If ok to use in this way, then I am enlightened and fine with that.

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It is not illegal to link to Google Street View. However, openly licensed images are strongly preferred for the image=* tag.

Some community members – myself included – would even consider an open license a requirement for an image=* value, but as the image tag was never formally approved, there is ambiguity around the tagging conventions.

So as an isolated case, I’d ignore it, or ideally replace the image with an open one. It’s not something to emulate, though. And yes, you’re indeed not allowed to use it for mapping.