Google aerial photography


Where is stated that itÂ’s not allowed to use Google aerial photography in OSM as a data source? As I understand all restrictions are about Google Maps (vector maps) not aerial photography . Am I wrong?

ItÂ’s important for me, because just now we are having discussion about this question in the Russian forum, but we do not possess necessary knowledge in British legislation.

This mail from legal-talk actually relates to Google’s aerial imagery.

To sum it up: The relevant aspect here is contract law. It’s not entirely clear whether Google’s terms of use for their aerial imagery allow using it for OSM, it might even be legal. However, the project’s policy has always been “if you are not 100% certain that it is legal, then don’t use it”.

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Also see this thread. There is an ongoing effort to persuade Google to allow us to use their aerial imagery (basically by clearing up the terms of use to make it clear that this is allowed).

See the link for details on how to vote to let Google know that you want them to do this.