Going to Malaysia...

Hello people,

I’m a norwegian, visiting Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Sabah), leaving in a week.

Kuala Lumpur, I think I will not bother with. It’s probably well mapped. But I did notice that Mount Kinabalu, which I am going to climb june 16-18, is kind of sparsely mapped. Yes, the path is there, yes there are some buildings that might be shelters, but it lacks a lot of detail. June 16th, I’ll spend in Kinabalu park, as I’m a doing a standard 3 day 2 night with an overnight stay in the park before the climb.

Any wish list? Anyone else working on this?

Just thought I’d get a heads-up from the Malaysian community so i don’t ruin anything. I know for myself how annoying it can be when someone comes along and does something and “destroys” what you thought you had done so nicely :slight_smile:

  • Vegard

Do your “work” and add your data. If anybody have any problems with your data, he can change it.

Have a nice holiday.

Yes, perhaps the best thing at the moment is simply go ahead with your plan. I admit, most remote places in Malaysia is still “under-mapped”, it would be really great if someone is willing to do so for OSM!

Happy holidays!

If you could upload your GPS traces after your holidays: that would be nice. Don’t know the quality of Bing or Mapbox imagery in that region, generally Bing is missing, and Mapbox has just recently become available…
In case you need a Garmin map, you could also download from our “competitors”: http://www.malfreemaps.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=8442
Mainly for cars, but many useful POIs.

Aye, second that! There was a post (diary entry?) a while back by a mapper complaining being the only mapper in northern Borneo! :laughing: