gmapsupp.img not display all road in device

Hi to all.
i’m trying to generate maps for garmin.
I found a way to generate them and on BaseCamp I see everything correctly, but on the device I only see the main roads. (see images)

Basecamp (image from loaded gmapsupp from device):

In basecamp you can see all street.

Device (garmin zumo xt)

on device I can’t see street yet the gmapsupp.img file is the same :confused:

I create Img by downloading map in .osm.pbf format, splitting and then compiling.


java -ea -Xmx12000M -jar splitter.jar ./Temp/Italy-latest.o5m --output=o5m --output-dir=./Temp/ItalySplitterTempFile --max-areas=4096 --max-nodes=800000 --wanted-admin-level=8 --geonames-file=./Temp/cities500.txt


java -ea -Xmx12000M -jar mkgmap.jar --max-jobs --gmapsupp --tdbfile --nsis --output-dir=./Temp/OSMItaly_light --mapname=63240001 --country-name="Italy" --family-id=6324 --family-name="OSM_light Italy_latest" --series-name="OSM Italy map" --area-name="Italy" --country-abbr="ITA" --overview-mapname="OSM Italy" --style-file=./default_Style --keep-going --draw-priority=10 --generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=6000,floodblocker --route --drive-on=detect,right --process-destination --process-exits --index tradit.TYP --transparent --adjust-turn-headings --product-id=1 --bounds=./Temp/Download/bounds/ --location-autofill=is_in,nearest --x-split-name-index --housenumbers --remove-ovm-work-files --description=osmmap_ITA --verbose -c ./Temp/ItalySplitterTempFile/template.args

what am I doing wrong?

Secondary question: Why in BaseCamp I see the map named “IT - Vittorio Veneto or other name ?” how to change this name?

thanks everyone in advance

Did you use the gmapsupp.img that was produced by mkgmap for the device or did you install with Basecamp? If I remember correctly some Basecamp versions came with a bad version of MapInstall which causes this effect.
Edit: Found the thread here:

I tried both by copying the gmapsupp.img file directly to the sd card and by trying to install the map on basecamp and then from basecamp by installing it on the device.
In both cases, only in the device I do not see the smaller streets.
The strange thing is that if I connect the device to the pc and open the map that I find on the device, on basecamp I see all the roads.
So in the file they are there but I don’t see them on my garmin zumo xt.

I don’t have a zumo but on an Oregon and an etrex, but from memory under map settings you can change how much detail is displayed at various zoom levels, It could be the problem.