Im using control with the openstreetmap provider.
The problem is that when i pass HttpWebRequest from the following url :
(retrieving placemark info)
i get response from the server error 403 unathorized acces.
What is strange becaous when in the same instance of the application i pass HttpWebRequest : i get correct results with no errors.
Credentials = {“greatmaps”, “greatmaps”}.
When i type them both in the opera i get correct info in the xml file.
What needs to be done to pass correct request for openstreetmap ?
Thanks for help.

Your first link works for me. Perhaps it was a temporary breakdown…

It works but not in the code. When i use (can be problem specific) but i don’t see any diffrence except it’s reverse query.
Only query with keyword works. HttpWebRequest is System.Net.HttpWebRequest.

Just checked the first url with RESTClient 2.4 which worked as GET as well as POST…
You getting 403 is strange indeed. maybe, there is a ( specific?) proxy between you and