Global land cover

What is the best global land cover source if you whant do render a map based of OSM and whant do add som more complete landecover data. Like maptiler do on theirs map.

Any suggestions for an easy way to do this?

Maptiler use ESA*MTY2ODc2NDY0My45LjEuMTY2ODc2NDY3Ni4yNy4wLjA.&_ga=2.49736864.764875599.1668437369-1049065105.1648201492

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with this qualifier answer almost certainly is no

I try to find a solution and came back if I find one

your question is not clear because we can only guess which map scale you are thinking of

well I was thinking in tne zoom levels 0 - 6

ESA WorldCover (GSD: 10 m): WorldCover | WORLDCOVER
Copernicus CGLS-LC100 (GSD: 110 m): Land Cover Viewer


The next step whold be to get the data in rifgt format for tilemaker (that I’am using to generete the tiles)
The data seams to be in geotif format, is it possible to convert a geotif to shape file (vector)