Glasgow mapper

Hi from south Glasgow! I would be delighted to meet up with any other Glasgow mappers.

I am one of the people (Probably the longest-term) doing the Glasgow area, a lot of the main roads around Glasgow are my work.

I notice some activity around, is this your work?

Hi Bruce,

I have started work on areas along the B767 corridor (roughly Battlefield out to Eaglesham) including Cathcart & Clarkston, with a few other odd bits depending on where I happen to be travelling. My aim is to fill in areas around the outer southside.

Longer term I want to produce some cycle maps, but have singularly failed to get osmarender to work on my desktop. I like the idea of being able to download a section of mapping data, customise routes and rendering and then convert to svg for outputting.

Good work on the main roads - they provide the necessary framework.


Hi Guys , Good to see that Glasgow is coming along,
I have done some work out from Mount vernon, Along the A8, A89 to Coatbridge, A725 down to J5 M74 also joined up the A73 from Airdrie to Law,
I think I will put my efforts for now into north and south Lanarkshire areas, from M73 east to blackridge and south of the A80 to A72.
C u`s

I’m sorry to say I’ve essentially retired from mapping. I’ll do my best to start up again.

ok c what you can do, I added some path today to Kelvingrove park as I was there today walking

Have fun, and if I notice any mistakes, I’ll let you know.

Hello from West Lothian.

I’ve made a (very small) start on Livingston but will endeavour to do more as the weather improves (I’m tracing the residential areas on my ICE-T recumbent trike).

I’ve noticed that Livingston South station is incorrectly located on the base(?) map - it’s about 0.5 mile west of where it should be! How does one move it to its correct location?



Hi Machovis,
I am doing Lanarkshire from M73 to harthill and south of the A80 , also trying to finish doing the A71