given a location with lon and lat - find shared nodes in way

Hi all,

given a location with lon an lat - is there an easy way to find shared nodes in ways in its neighborhood, let’s 500 m in diameter.
What i was thinking of is do a request at nominatim or at another search engine.

Is this possible?
Or this there a better way to do it.

Best regards


When you say “shared nodes”, do you mean any node that is a member of more than one way?


Can you describe the goal you’re trying to reach? Finding any shared nodes doesn’t seem very useful, because that node could be:
-A highway intersecting with a highway
-A highway ending at a parking lot
-One segment of a road connected to another segment of the same road but with a different number of lanes
-A residential landuse connected to an adjacent commercial landuse
-A waterway flowing into a lake
…and many, many, many more things.