Give_way road_marking, triangle, teeth?

How do we value tag, these white triangle give_way road_marking on the asphalt?

It is not a dashed_yield_line

teeth, in some country they call them shark teeth.



I mean the road marking, the white on the asphalt.

Done probably 1000+ yield/give_way spots at roundabouts w/ sharkteeth. The tag to add is road_marking=give_way in addition to highway=give_way + direction=forward/backward.

I mapped them as road_marking=stop_line + stop_line=sharks_teeth in the past and render this tagging in the Straßenraumkarte:

However, in my opinion, the whole topic of road_marking and the schema for it is not well thought out and when I find time, I would like to fundamentally revise it. But I actually think the tagging mentioned above is quite good (general tag, specifiable by subtag).

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I agree wholeheartedly and look forward to your proposal. I find the existing tagging scheme to be too closely tailored to a particular jurisdiction, and the links between presentation and semantics aren’t consistent enough. In the meantime, I started taking advantage of the “experimental” nature of this tagging scheme to experiment with alternative tag values and subkeys. A prolific road marking mapper (paint mapper?) has also adopted these subkeys.