gist_geometry_ops doesnt exist for gist(Postgis 2.0.1 and Postgre 9.2)

Hello Everybody.

I Would like to Host my Own OpenStreetMap TileServer.

So i have to Create my Own Tiles.

I already Set Up my System:

Windows XP
PostGis 2.0.1
PostGre 9.2.

I Downloaded osm2pgsql and Geodata.

But if i try to Import the Geodata in die Database, it get me an error:

gist_geometry_ops doesnt exist for gist


I have already imported the legacy.sql

Please Help Me!

Thank you!

Try to create the operator as advised here
It is also possible that your PostGIS installation is fresh enough and includes legacy_gist.sql script and you can just run that.

legacy_gist.sql worked! Super! thank you so much!