Getting Started

What’s the difference between and ?
Why have 2 areas? Which one should I use?
If I want to understand the process of how trace submissions work, where do I ask about that?

A month ago I submitted a trace for a road that exists, I traced it and submitted it as a GPS trace.
So a month goes by … if I go to
I see the line I submitted - just as i submitted it.
And when I download from, the trace is there?
How long does it usually take to get all the way thru this process?
Also - when I download the windows version suitable for Basecamp, is there any way I can have more detail included? I see topographic lines and more rivers etc online at than I see in the Basecamp install. Is there a way of getting this additional detail?


Well, forum is mainly for discussing things, while help is for solving problems (and earning reputation points in a “gamification” manner), but you may choose whichever you like more.

That is about what I would expect to happen. In fact, it could stay that way for a long, long time.

The idea is that you upload a trace and then use it as a guide to add details to the map. Nobody else is likely to do that because they don’t know what the trace is of. It might be a motorway or a cycle path or a canal tow-path or a river or… Yeah, the satellite detail gives a good guide but there a still assumptions to be made, and questions about access permissions and stuff like that. And that’s if anybody notices the trace is there and decides to use it, which would only happen if there are other active mappers looking at that area and they have traces turned on. There’s no magic mapping fairy who waves her magic wand to turn traces into details on the map.

You could try to find active mappers in your area and let them know you’ve uploaded a trace they can use if they wish. You may get lucky. But you’re certain of getting results if you map the detail yourself. It can be fun. Give it a try :smiley: