Getting permission for using tiles in the application

Hello. I am in the process of developing a commercial Java application and I would love to use OSM. The application is supposed to download OSM tiles on one of the Swing panels to display certain markers and waypoints. The Tile Usage Policy states that “Heavy use (e.g. distributing an app that uses tiles from is forbidden without prior permission from the System Administrators.” While I do not foresee selling many copies of my application and I intend to sell it at a very low price, I would like to know the exact process of getting such permission and whom I should contact to get it.

Thanks a lot!


Maybe you can find more hints at

when doing a search there for “usage policy” or similar terms …

Have you looked at some of the 3rd-party providers of OSM-based maps? Same data, different styles. For example:

Notice the free tiers for getting started.