Getting .osm file for each .tif file


I’ve got a set of geo-referenced images and I would like to get their corresponding .osm files. I use JOSM to load vectors and add them to the current image layer, that works fine !

Assuming now I’ve got hundreds of images and I would like to automatize the process, extracting one .osm file (example: building) for one .tiff image. As far as I know, I can’t do that with JOSM and I’m looking for plug-ins, scripts, hints, anything that can help me to achieve this goal.

Thanks in advance !

do you have a workflow already to get the bounding box with its coordinates for each geo-tiff file you want to process?

If yes, maybe you can do a query via overpass-api for all OSM elements you are interested in, limited to that bounding box? See the OSM wiki about overpass-api …


When all geo-tiff files are in one country, try to get a data extract from or similar services for that whole country.
Then use a tool like osmconvert (or osmsplitter?) to get raw OSM data for each bounding box. … → clipping


Thank you for your prompt reply. The first option seems the best to me as my images are worldwide.

=> Not yet, I can do a separate python script or whatever to extract the extent from geotiff, unless, is it possible via QGIS only ?. Is there any recommended format for storing the extent for further use with overpass-api ?