Getting coordinates of ways consisting of many nodes


I want to make an easy routing application for Arduino using OSM. It only has to work on very specific places, running tracks to be precise. There I want to know on which track the runner is on. Therefore I painted the tracks as footways in OSM. Because of the form, each track consists of about 60 nodes. I don’t have internet connection with my arduino, so I need to hard code the coordinates to it.

My question is now, how do I get the coordinates of the different points of each way? Downloading the data from OSM as an xml file already showed me some of the points I need in the change log, but not all of them. Further down in the xml there is only the

and so on, but without the coordinates of “nd”. So how do I get them as easy and fast as possible? In my first try I clicked on every point ID in OSM and copied the coordinates by hand…

Is there a way using JOSM? I haven’t found something fitting yet.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

draw the tracks in Basecamp. With a doubleclick on the track you get informations. You may also export the track as a gpx file, open this file in a text editor and search for “trkseg”. After this there you should find the coordinates.

If you download or draw a way in JOSM and save this as a .gpx or .osm you should have all information you need.

Thank you for your answers, this helps a lot :slight_smile:

The same XML should contain the nodes too.

Something like :

may be you should tell us, how you “downloaded” the data? If you got it with then that is not the right way.
try the Overpass Api or some other tool like josm. Even the main page will do the job if the area is not too big.

I downloaded the data using with an area only a little bigger than the running track. If I am right, the stuff is the first part of the document and not a change log as I thought? But there I only found part of my data. I have to admit that I am looking for about 240 points, so maybe I did not see all of them.