Getting advise and feedback on mapping improvement ideas

Hello Thailand community,

My name is Salim from TomTom, I am reaching out to suggest mapping improvement ideas as I knew there were a couple of observations in the past with our challenges, and to make sure no concerns will surface.

The improvement idea is in the form of MR (MapRoulette) challenges and Map placed notes that we already prepared to be solved by your community, mainly related to highway connection, turn restrictions and objects without feature type.

I will be delighted as well to hear from you on potential map related issues that we in TomTom can help you to resolve.


Hello Salim,

I am probably misunderstanding here. The problem of OpenStreetMap in general is usually not the lack of ideas what to fix.
So I am uncertain what you mean by “prepared to be solved by your community”.

To avoid any confusion: OpenStreet’Map community is not any sort of unpaid workforce waiting for task from data-companies.

If you have people in YOUR company (TomTom), then the community will happily support that team on learning on how to improve OSM data without breaking existing data or harming the local community.

If you think you have ideas on how to improve the existing QA tools to make their results better and reduce the number of false positive reports, please provide PR on the relevant repositories, eg osmose-backend on github.

Regarding the specific MapRoulette challenges I had commented in your other post. Making the tasks easier for remote/beginner mappers by restricting to major highways would be a nice thing. For other inspiration look on the Osmose page I had linked. If you can further filter the data to get rid of more unclear/false positives it would make fixing them easier as well.



Thank you for your reply. I, of course, know that you are not an unpaid workforce, sorry for the accidental confusion. I intended to say that if any OSM users wanted to work on the challenge, they are welcome to do so. As well, I meant to convey that feedback is welcomed. We want to follow your recommendations, observations and do things the way we all know is best.

I do have people from TomTom who would work the challenges if members of OSM Thailand are not interested. They are very experienced and familiar with the rules, but I would be happy to arrange a conversation to make sure that all is done correctly. Would you like me to do this?