Getting a list of street names with their coordinates


I was wondering if I could get a list of all street names with their coordinates off of the database. I specifically need the ones being used on Monopoly City Streets.


The entire dump of OSM is published every week:

How you process that is up to you. Especially the bit about correlating that with Monopoly Streets.

According to this post on the talk mailing list, the Monopoly game is using OSM data that’s at least several months old:
So you might want to look for an old dump of OSM data (depending on what you want to do with it).

Along the same lines, what would one do to easily collect streetnames for a much smaller area - like a 1km tile?
I’m currently exporting XML data then opening it in Excel, and filtering on addr:street, then copying to a different file.
But the source data comes from somewhere - so how does OSM get its own lists of street names?
(Likewise, how do the other online mapping services get their gazetteer info?)
Are there handy lists online?

There are some countries/regions where we have license-compatible data that was imported or that we can reference: US TIGER, Dutch AND, Canadian CanVec, etc. But barring sources like that, we actually usually go out to that street, and look at what it says on the sign.

Other mapping services would mostly buy datasets, or also collect names. Google StreetView must do wonders for Google for instance, since it made them drop TeleAtlas for the USA and work with their own data now.

33 months later I’m back - with a similar question!

Is there a way of searching on tags/tag names?
How would I find all instances of a tag within a large area?

Wondering how long I’ve been asking myself this question, … could be years!

If you have an OSM raw data extract of your large area as an *.osm file or similar, have a look at

or try