get your open notes

I’ve made quite a few notes on my road trip. When locals don’t fix them, I do it myself. But in the long list of notes, it’s getting harder and harder to find my open notes. Is there a way to filter out just the ones that haven’t been closed yet?

On this page:

You’ll find an overview of all notes per country.
Select the country you’re interested in and you’ll now see (on top of that page) three links that reed:

Feeds for the latest opened, commented or closed Notes of "country of interest"

Select what you need.
Be aware that you need a proper functioning RSS feed reader for it to work (for Mac: NetNewsWire).

It helped me (and others) a lot in keeping track of the note-wilderness.

Not exactly what I was looking for: I just want to keep track of my own notes (across our trip, in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolibia, Argentina), not keep a whole area clean.

That said, it would be great to have service that turns open notes into a heatmap. Where only shows notes when zoomed in, this could be complemented with a heatmap at lower zoomlevels.

Re “getting your own notes”, there’s an API for OSM map notes ( ) which I used to write a noddy front-end for to convert them into Garmin WPTs or POIs ( ). One of the parameters that that takes is the display name, so getting “only your notes” is possible.

Where you might get problems is that there might be an api limit on the area that you’re allowed to extract notes from - if that’s a problem you might be better extracting from a notes dump (see and ), which you’d definitely want to use if you want to create a heatmap.

How did we miss this? There is in fact a tool and a to-fix issue about this: See