Get voting data on changesets from OSMCha

Hey guys,

I’m new to OSM and I’d like to better understand the policy behind approving or disapproving changesets in OSM. I’ve been informed so far that changesets are automatically accepted but can be reverted afterwords, is that so? If it is, is there a way I can get insight into what changesets were reverted and which were not? I would also like to get voting data for a certain changeset because that might relate to how good or bad a changeset is/was.

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there is no voting. only discussion (and edit wars).
and user blocks:

Latest Changeset Discussions:

Changesets generally only get reverted if they are clearly malicious, or clearly in error (e.g lat 0 long 0), or they are sufficiently in error as to be seriously disruptive. Only very few get reverted. Many will get fixed, without reversion.

Where there is overwhelming evidence of malicious action, relatively ordinary power users may revert. They may also get reverted by a third party if the original mapper agrees they should be. Otherwise, the Data Working Group has the final say on reversion.

It is nothing like Google was when they allowed user input, where it was difficult to get past some moderators. It is more like wikipedia.

In most cases, the mapper should be warned first.

First of all, thank you guys for replying on such quick notice!

When I said ‘voting’ I was referring to OSMCha and the ‘verify’ option under which you have a choice between good or bad. Is there a way I could have a peek into those?

I think that’s an awesome example that kind of clears up a lot of things for me. It basically means the ‘edit wars’ brought on by wilmaed is really a thing.

Okay, awesome, so to recap:
Can i get data from the ‘verify’ option from OSMCha? If not, can you see some other way in which I can categorize changesets in further depth based on priority, validity and so on. So far we’re at reverting if it’s really WRONG or just a new edit if it’s a minor mistake…?

If you want more info on data of OsmCha, you should contact MapBox.

Please note that not all communities are using this tool, AFAIK, it is hardly used at all in Belgium.
It is just one of the possibilities to monitor changesets.

There are other methods to correct bad data. Sometimes it is easier to just delete obvious vandalism. Revert is just a tool that automatically finds out what was done and undo those changes. One can also do this manually.

I doubt there is much “voting” or discussion within OsmCha. All discussion should be done via changeset comments, which are visible to everyone.

In case you want to change something complex, or something that is there for years (e.g. the admin level of a certain town), please discuss with the previous mapper and/or the local community before making the change. Adding real objects will typically not be reverted, only improved later on. Modifying properly mapped items can lead to reverts.

Do you have a particular case about a revert, otherwise I would not worry too much about them.

I’d also add that reversions are actually implemented by doing a forward change using data copied from the latest versions before the changeset being reverted. There is no concept of a reversion in the database or API themselves, and the only indication that there has been a reversion would be a changeset comment that says the has been.

In the Filter options, there is a Review section. Choose the “Review Status” you want and apply the filter.