Get slippy map tiles in different resolutions

I am a beginner to OSM. I have an application which downloads several map tiles and assemble them to render a single map image. Afterwards a route is drawn on top of the rendered image. But there is a requirement that the rendered image should be programmatically zoomed (Not using the map zoom levels). But the image gets blurred when it is programmatically zoomed(using tiles of default resolution of 256x256). So is there any possibility to get higher resolution map tiles so that the image wont get blurred when zoomed?.

As far as I know, the default style on is only available with 256x256 tiles. Perhaps you could consider using tiles from one zoom level lower than you normally would, thus getting 4 256x256 tiles, for a total resolution of 512x512. Or you could render your own tiles, of course, but that’s not trivial.

By the way, please make sure to follow the Tile usage policy when downloading tiles.

I’d suggest that if you “have an application which downloads several map tiles” you’d want to at least consider generating your own map tiles.

See for a bit more information, including links to people to talk to if you don’t want to do it yourself.

I would go a bit further and say that it is the community expectation that you shuld generate your own map tiles. The map tiles are there as a service to other mappers, not as an alternative to Bing or Google maps.

The tooling is obviosly able to generate PDF maps, so, if you want to generate zoomable print imges without starting from the base data each time, you could produce PDF inrermediates and use soemthing like ghostcript to rend them at various scales.

I think that this is the expectation of a part of the community, but it’s in no way universally accepted. There are even community members who want the exact opposite. In any case, if we demand that every developer of some minor app has to set up their own tile servers (which is a lot harder than developing the app itself), then we drastically limit the spread of OSM in the development community. Our competitors have no such limitations after all.

Ultimately, whether the tile servers can be used for such a purpose depends entirely on the amount of tiles that would be downloaded. If only a stitched image at a single zoom level is required, and if the application has only few users, then that’s no problem. I don’t think Heshitha has told us enough to judge whether that is or isn’t the case.

By the way, if you need more tiles than the Tile Usage Policy allows, there are 3rd party services that offer OSM-based maps.

You can do some internet searching or at about “retina tiles” … there are some hints definitively.