Get roads and adjacent roads and their type

Hi, I apologize in advance if this question doesn’t make sense or if I sound ignorant, I am very new to OpenStreetMap.

I am doing a project as part of my university, it involves taking data from OpenStreetMap and displaying it in a game, e.g. taking the the location of buildings as a polygon then creating than polygon in my game. However, I am having some trouble.

I would like to get the location of roads (in lon, lat format) preferable using the zoom, x, y format (so that it can easily be cached). I would like each road to be a point and then each point connected to others along an edge to another point, however I cannot seem to find something to suit my needs. A possible example is below:

Road Location,
Adjacent Road,
Road Type,
Road Layer,

123.22.10, 123.22.20,

I would then like to take this data and draw the road on screen, the reason I would like the adjacent nodes is because I would like to do my own pathfinding.

I have had a look a various existing solutions such as Mapnik Vector Tiles (, which by the way is amazing, his code allows me to draw the buildings, I can also draw the roads, but not get the all of the adjacent nodes, a solution I have is to find these adjacent nodes on the client side but this is computationally expensive (my project is mainly designed for mobile devices). I have also had a look a various existing routing services, such as YOURS, however that only provides me with pathfinding ann I would like to do this myself.

So I was wondering if there was a service out there which I may have missed that does the job I want,

Thanks in advance.

maybe you can find some hints at when searching there for the keyword “graph”.