Get rid of post voting format in the Help and Support category

I think it only appears on topics with many replies, over a certain reading time. In principle, that would be the sort of topic that would benefit the most from optional ranking by votes, but of course different participants and topics would benefit from different levels of summarization.

No “big green checkmark” appears in the list of topics, just a tiny tick in a box at the left of the title. The topic names (and the tick) are nearly illegible in the list as they’re light grey on a white background.

What we need is either a replacement for OSQA, or we tell people who want answers to questions that we’re not interested in helping and they should go and ask on instead. If they want a cozy chat (or a discussion worthy of :popcorn: ), then obviously they should stick around here.

The closest two things I’ve seen recently are GitHub discussions (e.g. here) and Lemmy with a theme that heavily groups by first response (e.g. here).

Github discussions is proprietary and liable to disappear at any time so that’s probably a non-starter.

Lemmy is open source and currently maintained, not sure the longevity of the current fediverse enthusiasm but it’s been around for 5 years according to Wikipedia. You can get much longer chains there, but they default to threaded and all move with the parent (à la Reddit) so it might be ‘close enough’ if you squint at it. I don’t know if a dedicated OSM instance could be convinced to use OSM logins rather than have its own account creation. Of course this would be yet another server that someone has to volunteer to run.

Of course from the outside it also looked like Discourse does what we want with all the many features and plugins, but it seems that each of its many, many, many features is only barely implemented and living with it it’s proving not to be as advertised.


I know what you’re talking about and I have already complained about it. Again, I was referring to something different that the same plugin implements, not as the solution to this whole mess but just as part of the description of what’s here now:

With the number of GitHub discussions where I’ve seen the OP or the maintainer screw up the threading, as if it’s a normal issue, I’m increasingly convinced that it’s just a bad idea to have both threading models under the same roof, whatever the merits. A separate site would require more overhead, but if we can manage it, then I think it would be a better experience overall.

This is probably also a cautionary tale for if we ever enable Discourse Chat here. That plugin offers a choice of simple replies (like Discord) or full-fledged threads (like Slack). We would probably want to stick to one or the other rather than having the rules change from channel to channel.