Get PNG's / Generate all Tiles at once - how?

Hello Friends,

now i have finaly my own Tileserver.

Thanks to these tutorials:

Point 1:

The Point is, if i call localhost/osm, it shows me my Map → Good
If i call for example http://localhost/osm/11/1066/691.png It shows me the Tile → Great!
But there is no .png, there are just .meta files (Path var/lib/mod_tile)
I dont want .meta files, i want all Tiles as .png so i can Host my Tileserver whereever i want without the Packages, Buffering, Caching, …
How do i do this?

Point 2:

If i call a tile (example http://localhost/osm/11/1066/691.png) and it is not rendered / generated yet, it will generate it not till it will be called.
I Want to Generate / Render / Cache all Tiles at once.
And then Get them as png files (Point 1)

Please help me!

Thank you!

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Unfortunately I cannot answer your questions, but maybe some more hints are at or ?

Hi Errox,

Did you finally find a way to do it ? I’m currently trying to do the same.

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If you simply want to get static .png files, you could have skipped the whole mod_tile part of the tutorials. You just need a simple wrapperscript around mapnik to tell it to generate tiles and write them to disc.

The one I usually use is You’ll need to give it a bunch of parameters to tell it from which style.xml-file it should render and where it should put the file. A typical command might look like:

./ -s /path/to/openstreetmap-carto.xml -z 0 8 -b -180.0 -90.0 180.0 90.0 -t /path/to/output/

You’ll probably need more parameters, but this should get you started.

Note however that static tilegeneration does have its limits: With every zoomlevel, the number of tiles needed to cover it are quadrupled. For the whole planet, the number of tiles needed to cover it at a certain zoomlevel is 4^z (four to the power of z). So for example, the whole planet in zoomlevel 17 would require 17179869184 .png-files. That is not really feasible. Even if you want to cover just a small area instead of the whole planet, these numbers can get very big very quickly.