GET /node/#id different on dev server?

To retrieve the xml data for a node (i.e. with id 519924432) from the osm server following url can be used:

This works but now I wanted to get it from the dev server:

But I get nothing.

What am I doing wrong? I already removed the /0.6/ and then /api/ but to no avail.

The strange thing is that (put) /changeset/create works in my client for both servers.

That the data for the node cannot be retrieved is in order with that nodes do not show up if you start an edit session with potlatch. But why is this so?

Are you sure that node exists in the database on the dev server? The dev server doesn’t have the full data - it might not even have any.

Indeed. It has nothing. In order to test my client I first have to supply the dev server with the data I want to test upon. Thanks.