get info concerning a given osm ID

There are a few osm-based maps (gisgraphy, moovit) in which I have found an error in a street name and would like to track it down to the source.
gisgraphy claims the source is OSM with ID 74480480 (see
I assume this street would be a 'way ’ and thus checked
as well as
but neither yield any results; is there some general mechanism to get all objects with a given ID ? or …/way/… or …/relation/…


Here is the location
Use the edit tab and you will be able fix it.

I don’t quite understand your question. Are you looking for ? Node ID 74480480 is located in USA ( You can use these URLs to get information about any object in OSM (also for relations).

Thanks wambacher/nevw, I found the nodes and fixed them. Looking at the change history however it seems there are way fewer edits (a few every day ) than being shown here

When you say “the change history” what exactly are you referring to? Do you mean the history of that way, the edits that the “history” button in shows, or something else?