Get Coordinates from OSM

Hi all,
I would like to integrate an OSM map into my webpage and the users should be able to select or search a location so the webpage can use the selected coordinates. How can I achieve this? Which API could I use? Thanks for help!

Best, Eckhard

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

Have you cecked our Wiki ( ?
There is also a FAQ ( where you can get information.
We also have a German-speaking sub-forum here:

Hi PHersion,

thanks for the welcome! Yes, I am new to the forum but not to OSM because I have been a mapper since 2009.

The mentioned API is only for editing the OSM data. Is there an API to integrate the map into webpages (like G**gle Maps API)? I didn’t find any helpful until now.

Best, Eckhard

okay, I think I will need Nominatin for search and osm to display.

uMap is a possibility.